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German Shepherd Stud Dogs

Strong females are the main building blocks of every successful breeding program, and their quality should be the main focus of every breeder, but a female can only produce so many puppies in her lifetime, compared to a male. In Germany, by SV rules, each German Shepherd stud dog is allowed to have a maximum of 90 breedings per year (60 German / 30 foreign). With an average litter size of 5-6 puppies, this can be around 500 puppies per year.

This is why it makes sense that only the best males should be bred and pass their positive traits on to future generations. One should choose from the best and improve on the quality of the puppies produced. This is why we strive to achieve excellence in our males even more than in our females. Strong type, courage and attitude, great structure and movement, large bone and excellent pigment are the main attributes that we focus on in our German Shepherd males.

German Shepherd Dog males
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd

DOB: October 24, 2013
AKC registered, VP1, SG1, SG2 (GSDCA), IPO3, High in Trial, Kkl
Hd/ED: a1/a1 - normal (ZW 83)
Father: VA2 (Vice World Champ.) Nino von Tronje SchH3, Kkl1, a2/a2 (ZW 72) (V17 (BSZS) Irok Karanberg son)
Mother: V (BSZS) Tinka von der Waterkant IPO2, Kkl, a2/a1 (ZW 98) (VA8 Gigolo v d Bärenschlucht daughter)

Erastus ("Rusty") is living up to my high expectations! I picked him from our German "E" litter as he's shown a lot of promise early on - in his temperament, drives, and conformation. Rusty is the most good natured dog I've ever met. He simply doesn't know how big and strong he is, and is a total sweetheart. He is loyal, loves to play, loves to train, and tries so hard to please. He received High in Trail award in Germany for his IPO2 performance (see our News page). Erastus has already placed extremely well in several large and small shows, with several 1st places under his belt, including SE Regional Youth champion and Midwest Young Dog champion, as well as Vice-Sieger (GSDCA SS 2015). Erastus von Lotta is large and substantial, well proportioned male with very nice pigmentation, very nice dark mask, high withers, straight back. Good forechest, and underchest. Coming and going is straight and he shows very powerful gaiting. Additional pictures: Father, Littermates, Snow1, Snow2, Sister, 7mon, 7mon, Show, Heel, Champ., News.
Solo von der Waterkant
Solo von der Waterkant
Solo von der Waterkant

DOB: June 11, 2009
SG1, SchH3, AD, Kkl1, SV pink Papers
Hips and Elbows: a1/a3 (ZW 76)

Father: VA8 (BSZS) Bojan vom Pendler SchH3, HD a1, ED a1
Mother: V51 (BSZS) Maxi von der Waterkant SchH3, IPO3, HD a1

Solo's Kör-report: Very typical and expressive, very well pigmented, substantial male. Strong head, high withers, harmonious topline, good length and position of croup. Correct angulations, balanced chest proportions, straight front. With a straight step sequence, he shows fluid, harmonious gait with very good front reach. Self-sure nature, TSB pronounced, lets go. Additional comments: an expressive, very well pigmented, harmoniously developed male, very energetic. Advice for breeding: suitable for the improvement of expression and pigmentation, and to strengthen the working abilities. Solo is currently back in Germany, but there is a posibility of importing puppies from him, just let us know!
Yash von der Bastillie
Yash von der Bastillie
Yash von der Bastillie

DOB: December 19, 2004
V, SchH3, AD, Kkl1 lbz, SV pink Papers, AKC DNA, CKC, USA reg.
Hips and Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 76)

Father: VA2 (BSZS) Hill vom Farbenspiel SchH3, HD a1, ED a1
Mother: SG22 (BSZS) Merrya von der Vallendarer Höhe SchH2 HD a1

more about Yash

Yash is everything we ever wanted in a stud dog. He was imported from Germany as a puppy and went back later to earn his Schutzhund titles (1,2 & 3). He brought us so much joy and a new appreciation for what a real male should be like. His loyalty, work ethics, and intelligence surprised me time and time again, and he also made me laugh. Yash is now enjoying a healthy retirement as our house dog, and I feel very safe knowing he is keeping his watchful eye on things! ... more
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