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News and Events in the GSD world

At Kennels von Lotta we know that participation in shows and trials is an important part of being a German Shepherd Dog breeder. This allows us to stay in touch with current GSD trends and to see where we are in comparison with other German Shepherd breeders. We enjoy showing the dogs of clients and friends, as well as our own, at the regional and national levels.

We also train in Schutzhund. It is a fascinating and very demanding sport that allows our dogs to meet the strict SV breeding requirements. I am a proud member of the Classic City Schutzhund Club in Jefferson, GA, where I train every Sunday.

This page is designed to keep our customers and German Shepherd Dog enthusiasts informed about news and events at Kennels von Lotta and in the GSD world.
News and events at Kennels von Lotta and in the GSD world.
April 2016 USA Sieger Show wins!

Niwa von Tronje Excellent results in the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis, IN! Our own Sammy von Lotta was 2nd in a very large and competitive 4-6 months female class. Sammy is my pick of the "S" litter and a daughter of two best GSD in the USA (and top rated in the world), VA1 Wiva vom Zellwaldrand and VA1 Schumann von Tronje.

Our newest import, Niwa von Tronje (V1 Marlo von Baccara daughter) was crowned the Siegerin (1st place) in a no less competitive 9-12 months class on Saturday. Niwa has just turned 9 months a couple of weeks ago, and was completely out of coat; it was pouring rain, and yet her movement and drive brought her right to the top. Niwa is the 7th national champion that we imported from Germany over the last 11 years. See both puppies under "Young Females" on our Females page.

As well as our Pablo von Lotta who is also Wiva vom Zellwaldrand and Young World Champion Arre vom Hühnegrab son, was rated SG8 in the 12-18 months class - congratulations Michael Moon! See Pablo on our Stud page.
April 2016 Erastus von Lotta - High in Trial in Germany!

Erastus von Lotta Fantastic news from Germany!!! Erastus von Lotta is currently in Germany, working on completion of his education and titles with his dedicated trainer Johannes Park. While going for their IPO2 title, this fine team took High in Trial in Ostrhauderfehn, Germany! There were 15 dogs participating in the event.

The local newspaper ran an article about the event, and Mr. Park and Erastus are mentioned as the best IPO team in the trial. They are right in the center in the picture. Erastus will be coming back to the USA in August 2016 and will be offered at stud to approved females.

October 2014 KvL is home to the double National Siegerin

German Shepherd Conformation Show Very happy to announce that our Wiva vom Zellwaldrand is a double National Siegerin now! She was crowned Seigerin (VA1) at the GSDCA Sieger Show in St. Louis, MO this October, in addition to already winning the North American Sieger Show in the youth class in 2012! Wiva was also rated SG24 and V12 in the most prestisious German Sieger Show, and was among the top 30 females in the world, as well as the highest rated American female in the world in 2014!

Thank you Ralf (vom Zellwaldrand kennel) for giving us the opportunity to bring Wiva to the United States. I fell in love with Wiva when she was an unknown youngster, but there was no doubt in my mind that her winning spirit with bring her to the top.

Wiva's beauty and spirit are what make her stand out, and we are looking forward to her contribution to the von Lotta bloodlines. More information about Wiva is on our Females page.

November 2012 We are moving!

German Shepherd Kennel So excited to announce that we purchased 9.5 acres of land with a cute little house and a monster barn in Locust Grove, GA! The previous owners had horses, and so the land is a beautiful mix of pasture and trees, and is very private.

We are building a new kennel that will have 15' x 30' and 10' x 25' runs, so the dogs will have plenty of space. Most importantly, they'll get to enjoy all this land! Even though we haven't moved yet, I already took every dog to see the property, and of course they absolutely love it! AND! I can stand in the middle and throw a ball in any direction and not worry that it will end up in the neighbors' yard! Right off the property there is a 1 mile walking path in the woods, which deer and foxes frequent too, so it's like going to Disney Land for my dogs! Over time, we plan to invest into two proper puppy rooms, as well as a full sized IPO training field.

Because of the construction and the move, as one can imagine, November is a very busy month for us. I will be less reachable over the phone, and it might take me a few days to reply to messages. We also will have limited availability for visits. Please bear with us, soon enough all will go back to normal and we will be happy to show off our new place.
Show Season 2012 Success and a new exciting addition!

German Shepherd Conformation Show Another successful show season for our dogs! After hours of planning, training, behind-the-scenes team work, and thousands of miles driven, here are some of the highlights of the 2012 show season:

At the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis, IN (May 18-20, 2012) our own Jana von Lotta was rated V7 (excellent 7th place)! Jana is the first dog from our breeding to be presented in a working class at the National competition, and she passed the courage test and put on fantastic performance in the show ring. Besides Jana, our youngsters placed well too: VP8 Qutie von Lotta, VP10 Polina von Lotta, VP10 Quando von Lotta! Classes were large and very competitive, with most of the top breeders in the country presenting their best, and also some outstanding quality puppies and dogs brought over from Germany, Slovenia, Argentina, Canada. Thank you very one for a true team effort and your warm support!

BH! BH! BH! August 18-19, 2012 Tinka and I went with a group from our Schutzhund Club to SC and trialed for our BH under USA/SV judge Carla Griffith. The judge said it was a beautiful picture and we had more than enough points to pass! Also, Josh Markow did his BH with Mila (Askia von Hund & Sport - a working line female we co-own together) - they looked really pulled together and had a crisp performance, as one would expect from a true professional! And, our friend Lori Moon went for her very first BH with her very first dog to train - Utah (Ulk von der Waterkant, imported from Germany as a puppy) - and passed without a glitch! Congratulations to all!

Atlanta SchH Verein Show on September 30, 2012 - 5 dogs shown, 4 first places! And mostly from our breeding! VP1 Vector von Lotta, VP1 Qutie von Lotta, SG1 Polina von Lotta, and SG1 Tinka von der Waterkant. Riska von Lotta also showed well - VP4. Also, Michael and Lori's dogs Utah von der Waterkant and Quando von Lotta placed SG2 and VP2, and, last but not least, our crazy working line female Mila finally got her SG show rating!

German Shepherd Conformation Show And now to the biggest show of the year - North American Sieger Show (NASS), October 18-21! Chicago was generous with great weather this late October weekend, and what a show this was for our team! Both puppies from our "U" litter showed extremely well! VP1 Bolero (best baby puppy in N. America!), and VP3 Uma! Their mom Jessy is proving to be as excellent producer as I was hoping, and I can't wait to raise her next litter of puppies!

Our newest addition, Wiva vom Zellwaldrand caused a stir with her truly awe-inspiring performance, taking 1st place in 12-18 females (The movie Secretariat comes to mind). This is not the first time that I imported a dog who finished 1st in the country, but this time the feedback that I received from other breeders and the judge himself was simply overwhelming. The judge said that this powerful and spirited female is what all of us breeders should strive to breed for. I'm simply speechless, and so so grateful. Thank you Ralf and Carsten for trusting me with Wiva and making it all happen!

Another one of our imports who truly impressed was Peer von Groß-Zünder who also finished 1st! This is the second time that Peer claimed the North American Sieger title - congratulations to owner Ali Jaffar!

Huge thank you Michael & Lori, Jacqueline & Willi, Günter, Mike, Josh, Beth & the Classic City team, Ralf & Carsten, Sabine, Bob, Jane, Netasha, Martha, Josh & Katie, and especially Chad, for all your support, for believing in me and my dogs, for lending a helpful hand and going above and beyond, training, handling, and doing all humanly possible. You encourage me in more ways than you can imagine and it is thanks to you that we rock - and have so much fun too!
September - November 2011 Fall Show Season Results

German Shepherd Southwest Regional Trial, Conformation Show, and Breed Survey Here at Kennels von Lotta we take SV GSD showing seriously, and participate in most major shows in the USA with our dogs, as well as at Regional and Club shows in the Southeast. Along with the obvious benefit of seeing how our dogs compare to what other breeders produce, this is also a fantastic socialization opportunity for our puppies and young dogs, tons of fun for older, experienced dogs, and oh so much fun for us, getting to spend time with our friends and colleagues.

We are very pleased to announce the following results from the 2011 Fall Season:

Atlanta Schutzhund Verein Club Show - October 1, 2011
P1 Askia vom Hund und Sport (Mila) 6-9 female - imported by Kennels von Lotta, co-owned with Josh Markow
VP3 Ulk von der Waterkant 9-12 male - imported by KvL, owned by Michael & Lori Moon
V2 Janni vom Lüttersbruch working female - imported and owned by KvL

SW Regional Conformation Show, Tulsa, OK - October 15, 2011 - Triple win!
VP1 Ulk von der Waterkant 9-12 male - imported by KvL, owned by Michael & Lori Moon. 1st out of 6!
SG1 Tinka von der Waterkant 12-18 female - imported and owned by KvL
V1 Solo von der Waterkant working male - presented/handled in the USA by KvL. Owned by Johannes Park, Germany. 1st out of 7!

North American Sieger Show (NASS) - October 21-23, 2011
VP1 (NA Sieger!) out of 12 Peer von Groß-Zünder 9-12 male - imported by KvL, owned by Ali Jaffar
SG15 out of 32 Tinka von der Waterkant 12-18 female - imported and owned by KvL
SG13 out of 18 Ulk von der Waterkant 12-18 male - imported by KvL, owned by Michael & Lori Moon
SG1 (NA Sieger!) Winnetou vom Eichenplatz - imported by KvL, owned by Dmitri & Inessa Pidvysotski
V3 (Excellent 3rd place!) Janni vom Lüttersbruch working female - imported and owned by KvL
V15 (excellent 15th place) Solo v d Waterkant working male - presented/handled in the USA by KvL. Owned by Johannes Park, Germany.

Handled in the ring at BSZS (Germany) and NASS (USA) by Yuliya Matvyeyeva:
SG20 (BSZS in Germany!) Violla vom Eichenplatz, owned by Willi Patten
VP1 (NA Sieger!) Ne Plus Ultra Fatimo, owned by Rickey Harris Jr.
VP5 (Out of 30!) Zecke vom Globalhaus, owned by Cynthia McMahan
VP3 (Out of 12) Fokker von den Blauen Bergen, owned by Randolph Brent III
SG13 (Out of 18) Ulk von der Waterkant, owned by Michael & Lori Moon
SG1 (NA Sieger!) Winnetou vom Eichenplatz, owned by Dmitri & Inessa Pidvysotski

All this could only be possible with a true team effort! Thank you so much everyone who drove hundrend of miles to make it to the shows, handled our dogs, and trusted me to handle theirs, everyone who was there to cheer us on and lend a helping hand!
May 23-24, 2009 Southeast Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey

German Shepherd dog show Southeast Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey South Metro Atlanta Schutzhund Club welcomes all participants and visitors for the Southeast Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey held in Sharpsburg, GA on May 23-24, 2009.

We are very pleased to announce that the judge for this event will be the honorable Herr Hans-Peter Schweimer, SV. Please join us for this fantastic 2-day event, and experience our Southern hospitality.

Visit the event website for more information on hotels, directions, registration, and entry forms. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving this event's updates and would like to join our mailing list.

If you would like to become a sponsor of a trophy or the show, or make a donation, or have any questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact Yuliya Matvyeyeva.
October 1, 2008 Feeding your German Shepherd Raw Diet - new daily blog has started!

Raw dog food - German Shepherd eating raw sardine I cringe every time I feed my dogs kibble. Check out my Raw German Shepherd Diet article to see why. With so much travel lately, and so many dogs, I had no other choice. But! Back to RAW now!
We feed our adult German Shepherds once a day, and puppies are eating twice a day. Here is what I fed my dogs today:
Nemka: 3 sardines (0.7 lbs). Nemka needs to lose some weight, so her portions are reduced.
Fanta: 7 chicken necks. Fanta doesn’t like sardines.
Quana: 5 sardines (1.2 lbs).
Yash: 12 chicken necks. Yash doesn’t like sardines either.

Sardines are previously frozen, raw, whole (with head and all), from Oregon. ($0.69/lb when I buy a 22 lbs box ). Click here to read more about raw dog food and dog food recipes
September 20, 2008 New page "Available" is now posted for viewing.

German Shepherd puppies for sale On this page you will find a summary of all puppies and dogs available at the moment at Kennels von Lotta. All categories, such as Imported German Shepherd Puppies for Sale, American-bred German Shepherd puppies for Sale, Older Puppies for Sale, Trained Adult German Shepherds – all are grouped together on this page for convenient viewing.

This should make it easier for people who are undecided about age or origin of their future addition to browse our website.

German Shepherds available for sale - here
September 12 - 14, 2008 Sieger Show 2008, Aachen, Germany

German Sieger Show 2008, Aachen Here is a short note about the Bundessieger-Zuhtschau (BSZS) 2008, that was held in gorgeous Aachen, Germany. Friday morning's fog yielded to a steady rain that lasted for the rest of the day, and well into Saturday. The grass was very slippery during the bitework on Friday, and quite a few dogs skidded past the helper. What happens in these situations is that the helper re-attacks the dog as he/she recovers from the miss or fall. If the dog counter-attacks and bites the sleeve... Click here to read more

I was in awe, watching Yukon von der Bastillie, full litermate to our Yash, doing exeptional bitework, for which he was recognized along with a dosen or so males whose working ability stood out from the crowd. It was even more breathtaking to watch his excellent progeny group Saturday, and him becoming VA7 Sunday!
Click here for some pictures from the Sieger Show 2008, Aachen, Germany
October 12-14, 2007 North American Sieger Show 2007, St. Louis, USA

Yash von der Bastillie What an excellent show it was - NASS 2007. It was held at gorgeous Purina Farms in St. Louis, MO, and the weather was perfect. Our Yash von der Bastillie was shown in working class, the most challenging and competitive class of the show. Each dog presented in this class must be at least two years old, has to have a SchH title, Breed Survey (Kkl), certified hips and elbows, and successfully pass the courage test on Saturday. Yash has it all, and he did a fantastic bitework (courage test) performance (the best according to many spectators who came to congratulate us afterwards). Watch the video here!

The judging in the ring on Sunday morning couldn't have started any better! When the judge called out the males in the order of his preference, Yash was called out 3rd! Following VA1 Teejay vom Wilhendorf and VA2 Hoss vom Hirmer Teich, and leaving behind several previously VA rated, older males, including a recent Sieger. It was so exciting! Unfortunately Yash didn't feel his best that morning, I could see it when we got up, so he did not demonstrate his usual spirit while gaiting that day, and lost several places finishing V2 (Excellent, 2nd place). Nevertheless, I couldn't be happier as there will be many more shows to come for him. Thank you so much everyone who helped me to train, prepare, and show Yash at this huge event. It was true teamwork!

Congratulations to Feli vom Dreieichenbuckel - VA4 (Excellent Select 4th place)! Full sister of our Fanta vom Dreieichenbuckel, Godalis Xtra - VP20 (in a class of 58!) and Cid von der Grafschaft Mark - VP9 (Very Promising 9th place!), our imported puppies in their very first show.
August 31 - September 2, 2007 Sieger Show 2007, Braunschweig, Germany

About Sieger Show 2007, Germany The Bundessieger-Zuhtschau (BSZS) 2007 is behind us now. If you love German Shepherds and have never been to this event, make a point of going to this show in Germany – perhaps next year? I feel very fortunate to have been able to see these top dogs and their progeny for myself this year! I will share my impressions on this page.

I personally am extremely satisfied with this show. First of all, Victor vom Zellwaldrand placed awesome SG21 in Young Dog class! A lot of sires and siblings of our imported puppies placed very high as well, often improving on their position from last year. And it was extremely exciting and entertaining to watch the fist (best) ring of Working Class males.

Click here for some pictures from the Sieger Show 2007, Braunschweig, Germany
April 2, 2007 Now you can see locations of our puppies!

map sample Curious where our puppies went? Want to know where your puppy’s siblings are? Here is the perfect tool!

You need to zoom in pretty closely in “higher concentration” areas such as New York and Atlanta, to clearly see each puppy. To show the locations of the puppies, we used our puppy owners’ approximate locations only - to protect their privacy. Click here to see our ineractive map

We are also in the process of putting together a References page, so if you would like your puppy to appear on that page, please write to us about your puppy and experiences. If you could also include a recent picture – that would be perfect!
October 27-29, 2006 Kennels von Lotta success at the 2006 North American Sieger Show (NASS)

Sierra vom Ochsentor and her V3 tropheyWe are thrilled with the results of the North American Sieger Show in St. Louis, MO! Our Sierra vom Ochsentor placed V3 in the working class in the strongest competition yet! Not only was she beautiful in the ring, she also demonstrated exemplary bite-work during the courage test! She was the only working class female to truly impress experienced Schutzhund trainers (and the judge)! We are very proud of Sierra.

Victor vom Zellwaldrand , our imported puppy won 1st place in the 6-9 month puppy class! Victor clearly stood out among his competition, and there was not a dog close to him in his quality and performance. Congratulations to his owner Vincent Gaudio, and wishes of continuous success!

Congratulations also to other von Lotta imports, including Ole von der Urbecke (Gordon Franks), Siberia vom Gollerweiher (Yola) (Linda Cabral), and Aiko von der Grübecke (Max Miller) on their strong performances.

VA1 Bazi von der Urbecke was crowned as the 2006 North American Sieger. Congratulations to his owner, breeder, trainer and handler - awesome teamwork. We've imported several puppies sired by Bazi in the recent past (Aischa and Aiko, Uri and Ukres) and we hope their owners will be inspired by Bazi's success. What a gorgeous dog!
October 20, 2006 "C" litter was born at Kennels von Lotta!

2-weeks-old C-litter puppyVery exciting news - our own Nemka vom Alpenhof gave birth to 11 fat, healthy puppies! She is very proud of them and so are we. The father is the famous Ham von der Urbecke who went VA4 (Excellent Select) at the 2005 USA Sieger Show in Reno, NV in very strong competition.

We expect these puppies will have the stunning appearance of their parents, and confident friendly characters. We are looking forward to great show careers for some of them, and to hearing all about their development from our future puppy owners.

more about C-litter puppies
September 5, 2006 New imported puppies have arived from Germany!

9 weeks old imported GSD puppyWe are happy to welcome an exceptional addition from Germany: world-class quality German Shepherd puppies. We were lucky to persosnally choose these outstanding pups while in Germany. They have huge bone, strong expression, and unsurpassed beauty. They impressed me the most with their outgoing temperaments, super structure, and deep red and black color. Not to mention their awesome bloodlines.

These puppies are highly intelligent and well socialized. They will make exceptional show dogs and elite family companions and protectors. Please take a look at their pictures at our Imported Puppies page.

more about imported puppies
September 1-3, 2006 Sieger Show 2006, Oberhausen, Germany

Bitework - September 1, 2006Zamp vom Thermodos was crowned as new world Sieger this year in Oberhausen, Germany. Quantum von Arminius and Orbit vom Hühnegrab followed. Initially, with proper deference, Quantum was marching ahead of his son. Two-thirds into the class, Zamp was moved to the first place - every GSD enthusiast really had to be present at the stadium at that moment - such pandemonium is impossible to discribe!

Zamp's progeny looked phenominal - well deserved victory for this stunning male. Some other progeny...

Sieger Show 2006 results
more Sieger Show 2006 pictures
April 9, 2006 V20 (BSZS) Tim vom Frankengold puppies have arived from Germany!

Zita - 8 weeks oldExceptional character and structure - if you are looking to succed in Schutzhund training or looking for a dog that is not only beautiful, but highly intelligent as well, these puppies can offer the "total package." We have first pick female available! Great expression, structure, color, and strong bone.

We also expect VA4 Pakros d'Ulmental, VA5 Zamp vom Thermodos, SG1 Odin vom Holtkämper Hof, and V11 Xaro d'Ulmental puppies April through June 2006. We have top selection from each litter. Please visit our Imported Puppies page for more information.

more about imported puppies
October 2, 2005 Zibou vom Alten Kastienbaum x Nemka vom Alpenhof puppies have arrived!

Berrin von LottaAnother strong litter of puppies was born at Kennels von Lotta. 3 males and 6 females, all healthy, thriving, and weighing around 1 lb each. These puppies are absolutely adorable, with lively attitudes and deep mahogany color. This litter has a unique, Ursus-free pedigree, and contains many world-renowned dogs.

Nemka is a very loving and gentle dog, and is also very protective of our family. Nemka's father, V3 Yak vom Frankengold, produces great bitework and very strong pigment. The father of these pups, V2 Zibou vom Alten Kastienbaum, SchH3, is also known for his great work ethic.

more about "B" litter puppies
September 30, 2005 Erasmus van Noort x Sierra vom Ochsentor puppies are here!

White collar female - VA3 Erasmus van Noort daughter - 6 days old.The "A" litter has arrived at Kennels von Lotta! VA3 Erasmus van Noort, SchH3 and V Sierra vom Ochsentor, SchH3 are a great combunation of top dogs with world-class pedigrees.

These puppies are huge (over 600 grams each at birth), very active, and absolutely beautiful. We check their weight every day, and they gain steadily. They have very nice pigment, huge heads, and powerful bones. With Sierra's solid, unshakable, and lively character, we expect some great things from these puppies.

more about "A" litter puppies
September 13, 2005 V Sierra vom Ochsentor, SchH3, has arrived from Germany!

V Sierra vom Ochsentor, SchH3, Kkl1, DNA, hips and elbows a-normal, ZW 75The princess is here, Sierra! We took her out of her crate right there at the airport and she greeted us happily. She has rock-solid nerves: she was not in the least confused by strangers, or even the loud noise of jet engines nearby. She happily went for a walk with me, and then rode calmly home.

Sierra is extremely outgoing, confident, and energetic. She loves to play, her drives are perfect, and she is crazy for her ball. Sierra is expecting a litter from 2 x VA3 (BSZS) Erasmus van Noort SchH3, IPO3, FH2. See our puppies page for more info!

more about Sierra
September 2-4, 2005 Sieger Show 2005, Ulm, Germany

VA7 Marko della Valcuvia progeny groupThe Sieger show (Bundessieger-Zuchtschau) was held in Ulm (South Germany) this year on September 2 - 4, 2005. Almost 3000 German Shepherd Dogs were entered to compete in this spectacular event! The Sieger show is the culmination of a year of hard work for breeders, trainers, handlers, and their families in the effort to create that perfect German Shepherd Dog.

This year’s show started on Friday with protection work for males and females going on simultaneously...

more about Sieger Show 2005
more Sieger Show 2005 pictures
March 12, 2005 Kennels vom Lotta Hits Grand Slam at USA Regional!

Handra vom Alyeska - a great working dog with very nice structureThe 2005 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey was hosted by the Fayetteville (NC) Schutzhund Club.

Both Nemka vom Alpenhof and Fanta vom Dreieichenbuckel won first place in their classes with the honorable Judge Wilfried Scheld, SV presiding! Nemka won SG1 in the Young Dog class (12-18 month) and Fanta took VP1 in the Junior Puppy Class (6-9 month). Even Handra vom Alyeska, our working line puppy, was awarded VP! (Very Promising). Not even every show line puppy is awarded VP, so we are very proud of Handra.
December 5, 2004 Nemka vom Alpenhof Awarded BH at Schutzhund Trial

BH Nemka vom Alpenhof - one of our imported femalesThe trial was hosted by the Central Alabama SchH Club of Birmingham with Judge Michael Caputo, Ph. D., USA. The BH is a prerequisite for the SchH1 title. BH consists of two parts: an obedience test and a temperament test. In obedience, the dog must perform the “heel” exercise on and off leash with various turns and in a group of strangers. The dog must also demonstrate “sit” and “down” out of motion, fast “recall,” and composed “long down” under distractions. During the temperament test the dog is to show calmness and confidence during challenges such as various types of traffic, another dog and people walking nearby while the handler is out of sight, a group of people crowding the dog, etc. This test is designed to identify and to eliminate nervous, aggressive and shy dogs from participating in the SchH sport and breeding. Nemka passed this test nicely and is now on her way in SchH1 training.
October 29, 2004 Nemka vom Alpenhof rated one of the best dogs in the country!

Nemka vom AlpenhofNemka put on a great showing at the 2004 USA Sieger Show in Nashville, TN, placing 4th in the Youth Class (12-18 month) under the honorable judge Johannes Grewe, USA. Despite being out of coat for the show Nemka’s pigment, gait, and general structure were complimented by the judge. Click here to go to Nemka’s page.

The USA Sieger Show is one of the biggest annual national events and is conducted under German SV regulations.
September 30, 2004 Fanta vom Dreieichenbuckel arrives from Germany

Fanta vom DreieichenbuckelWe are very thrilled with this newest addition to our kennel. We selected Fanta because both of her parents (VA6 Quantum von Arminius SchH3 and V Assi vom Dreieichenbuckel SchH3) are excellent and proven producers and we expect some great things from this combination! Assi is also mother of VA4 (BSZS) Cindy vom Dreieichenbuckel.

Fanta shows great promise already, both in conformation and temperament. Upon arrival Fanta enthusiastically investigated the house and yard and demonstrated the meaning of great food drive! Click here to go to Fanta’s page.
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