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German Shepherd Stud Dogs

Strong females are the main building blocks of every successful breeding program, and their quality should be the main focus of every breeder, but a female can only produce so many puppies in her lifetime, compared to a male. In Germany, by SV rules, each German Shepherd stud dog is allowed to have a maximum of 90 breedings per year (60 German / 30 foreign). With an average litter size of 5-6 puppies, this can be around 500 puppies per year.

This is why it makes sense that only the best males should be bred and pass their positive traits on to future generations. One should choose from the best and improve on the quality of the puppies produced. This is why we strive to achieve excellence in our males even more than in our females. Strong type, courage and attitude, great structure and movement, large bone and excellent pigment are the main attributes that we focus on in our German Shepherd males.

German Shepherd Stud Dog Jingo vom Mahlsdorfer Grund
Jingo vom Mahlsdorfer Grund
Jingo vom Mahlsdorfer Grund
Jingo vom Mahlsdorfer Grund

DOB: August 5, 2007
V, SchH3 HOT, Kkl1, SV pink Papers, USA, AKC reg.
Hips and Elbows a-normal (ZW 78)

Father: V24 (BSZS), VA1 (A) Naxos vom Holtkämper See SchH3, HD a1, ED a1, Kkl1
Mother: V Pepsi vom Frankengold SchH3, Kkl1, HD a1

Jingo (call name Nero) is a large, powerful and substantial male with strong, expressive, masculine head and fantastic harmonious structure. Deep red color and strong black pigment add to his handsome looks. He was titled to SchH3 by his owner Jeff Goldsmith (Jupiter, FL) and is always pronounced in protection, with powerful full grips. If you are looking to enhance your breeding program with power of movement, deep color and fantastic overall structure of VA1 (World Champion) Zamp vom Thermodos line AND improve upon the working ability of your female at the same time, Jingo is your man. He also has a fantastic breed value (ZW) of 78, and his parents and grandparents all have a1 hips.

We brought Jingo over from Germany, from a smaller kennel near Berlin when he was a puppy, along with his sister Jamaica. (see video of Jamaica’s obedience routine at 4.5 months of age here! ) Both puppies showed fantastic temperament and trainability and were absolutely gorgeous. Jingo, along with his strong bone, correct structure and free movement was also boasting excellent deep red and black color.

Shortly after Jeff bought Jingo from us, he found a trainer who introduced Jeff and Jingo to the world of Schutzhund. Jeff caught the Schutzhund bug! All his dedication to his dog and the sport, and countless hours of hard work paid off: at the age of 20 months Jingo was already running 6 blinds, and pretty much was doing the SchH3 routine, with a lot of drive and skill. His style is very flashy and animated.

Jingo offers a very interesting linebreeding opportunity as there are such highly sought after dogs in his pedigree as
VA1 (World Champ) Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3,
V1 Wallace aus Agrigento SchH3,
VA3 (BSZS) Esko vom Dänischen Hof SchH3,
2 x VA1 (World Champ) Yasko vom Farbenspiel SchH3,

as well as a combination of strong motherlines such as
SG9 (BSZS) Raica vom Holtkämper See SchH1, from the famous "R" Holtkämper See litter, and
VA14 (BSZS) Lea vom Holtkämper See SchH3.

Jingo's Linebreeding:
(3-3) - on V1 Wallas aus Agrigento
(4-4) - on VA3 Esko vom Dänischen Hof
(5-5,5) - on VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti

Jingo's Trial Results:
SchH3 - 96-91-93 - SE Universal Sieger, High SchH3 - O. G. Carolina Club, Apex, NC - 9-10 Apr 2010 - SV Judge/Körmeister Rüdiger Mai
SchH3 - 91-86-88 - Wesley Chapel Total Dog Schutzhund Club, Lutz, FL - 8 Jan 2010 - SV Judge Rudi Mueller
SchH2 - 90-75-88 - Tampa Bay Working Dog Club, Plant City, FL - 24 Oct 2009 - SV Judge Dieter Dust
SchH1 - 81-85-95 - Central Alabama Schutzhund Club, Birmingham, AL - 19 Sep 2009 - SV Judge Dieter Dust

Jingo's Show Success:
V7 - After 6 VA dogs - O. G. Carolina Club, Apex, NC - 9-10 Apr 2010 - SV Judge/Körmeister Rüdiger Mai
V2 - Excellent 2nd place - Hundesport Club Show, Lutz, FL 2010 - SV Judge and Körmeister Heinz Scheerer
SG1 - 1st place, Sieger! - USA SE Regional Show 2009 - SV Judge and Körmeister Hans-Peter Schweimer
Nero 8 weeks Nero 12 weeks Nero 10 weeks Nero 12 weeks Nero 12 weeks Nero 16 weeks: one day I will be a working dog to! Nero 20 months Nero 20 months
Nero SchH1 trial - Judge’s obedience critique Nero SchH1 trial - ready for the blind search Nero SchH1 trial - Reviere! Nero SchH1 trial - ready for the escape Nero SchH1 trial - escape bite Nero SchH1 trial Nero SchH1 trial Nero SchH1 trial - long bite
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