Imported German Shepherd Dogs are smart and beautiful
Sometimes even the wildest dream can come trueGSD picture gallery - photos of German Shepherd Dogs at play

This page is dedicated to all who show us continuous support. Without you Kennels von Lotta would not be possible! Here you will find photos of family and friends, as well as from events and travels that were only possible because of German Shepherds. I wanted to put this page together for a long time now, as every one of these pictures brings such joy and fun memories. Great times!

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Our Friends & Family
Amur - a GSD my family had when I was born. That s how it all started! I just moved to the USA with Lotta, my first GSD Helping my friends Tonya & Jim train their 2 GSD, Harley & Chase My mom visiting us from Ukraine for a few weeks! My late next door neighbour Tanya with her GSD Layma. I miss you dear friend. Sierra - one terrific imported GSD - the closest I've ever had to Lotta Sierra - one terrific imported GSD - the closest I've ever had to Lotta with Mr. Stenner of von der Urbecke kennels - Mr. Stenner has been breeding in Germany for over 50 years! with world famous VA Orbit von Tronje with Nadia
Dad visiting! Exploring San Francisco streets with Gaudio family and Bret and Erin! With VP3 Jessy and her littermates, at 2008 USA Sieger Show in San Francisco Mom visiting again! Dearest Linda and her K9 family Socializing puppies downtown Atlanta Selebrating New Year 2009 with Chad! Handling Yash for courage test at the USA Sieger Show 2009 With Mandy Menzel, Rapicar Kennel At the event stadium
Training Wespe with Josh Markow with Friedhelm Bark, Peter, and Co. Galina, Yura & Anastasia - love you guys! Handling Maggie in MS Only with the Koch family! Handling Jana von Lotta - VP2 in a large class! With Chad and out 3 beauties: Pina, Jana, and Janni Michael, Chad, and Julia with three J litter pups With SV judge and Koermaister Riduger Mai My friend Ryan
USA Siegerin, baby! with Tina, Gallina's co-owner Young dog class With John and Becca of Eichenhalle kennel, and Jana von Lotta Gilza, my parent's dog Handling Quana in bitework training Jana making friends with Mr. Yellow M-litter 16 weeks reunion M-litter 4 months reunion with Marshall, Uwe, Guenter, and Deborah
with Lori, Uwe, and Michael Lexis von Lotta team! Ulk v d Waterkant (Utah) team! With Uwe, Michael, and Loti - Juneau von Lotta team! Pola - off leash round V2 Pola - with SV Judge & Körmeister Helmut König and handler Uwe John, our puppy raiser VP2 Mozart von Lotta - with SV Judge & Körmeister Erich Bösl Handling V Bac at SE Regional Show 2011 with WDA President Cindy Peterson and SV Judge & Körmeister Erich Bösl
with Guenter and Jaci, two fantastic handlers Traveling to Germany with Viva (Pam Einsamer Wolf) Kaiser visiting! my friend Beth with Janni

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