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"von Lotta" German Shepherd Puppies

Our German Shepherd puppies are our pride and joy. I spent over 20 years researching the breed, it's bloodlines, history and current development, as well as training and showing dogs, and I know that breeding quality dogs is much more than just putting two dogs with good pedigrees together. Each litter has to have a purpose, and each breeding pair should complement each other in more than one way.

There is no perfect dog, and every breeder has to decide - what are they breeding for? You can breed for show success, for points in working competitions, for stable temperament for service work, for specific colors or size. Here at KvL we breed for a dog with stable, self-confident temperament that is very eager to spend time with you and to play (strong pack drive). Basically, I breed dogs whose personality and intelligence I truly enjoy. They are dogs that can be trained in a wide variety of tasks, as well as I have to have a beautiful dog. My dogs have excellent harmony of build, dark pigment, and fluent movement. They are a pleasure to have in the house, to take swimming, to play ball with, or participate in many types of "dog-sport," and they also succeed in shows. Of course all this is only possible with excellent health. Read more About Us .

D litter

Erastus von Lotta
Erastus von Lotta
V (Excellent)

IPO3, Kkl

World Class Pedigree

Hips & Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 83)

more about Erastus

Father: VA2 (BSZS) Nino von Tronje , SchH3, a2/a2
Mother: V3 (GSDCA) Tinka von der Waterkant, IPO2, a2/a1
Nessie von Lotta
Nessie von Lotta

IPO1, Kkl

DM free by parentage

Hips & Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 70)

more about Nessie

Father: V3 (GSDCA) Xero von der Plassenburg, IPO3, a1/a1
Mother: V Jessy vom Haus am Lerchenweg , SchH1, a1/a3

100% pure German Show line litter! 5 males and 3 females, all showing fantastic development! One male is a rare red sable. These puppies will develop to be of large size, with tremendous deep red color and dark pigment. Both parents have the best temperament one can hope for in the breed - confident and stable with strong nerves, strong pack drive (desire to please and work with the handler), friendly, outgoing, and with all the right drives. Both parents were trained by me personally, and then titled in Germany, and are also excellent house and family dogs. We took special care to ensure the health of this litter - there is no linebreeding in the 5 generations; both parents have the best possible rating for hips and elbows (a1), and the puppies should have some of the lowest possible ZW scores of 72 (indication of bloodline historical and on-going hip health). Also, they will not be affected by DM in their lifetime. Their 4-gen. pedigree boasts world-famous pillars of the breed, all Excellent Select: VA2 (Vice World Champ.) Nino, VA8 Gigolo, VA4 Kwantum, 2 x VA1 (Double World Champ.) Remo, VA6 Wendy, VA9 Furbo, VA3 Dux de Quatro Flores. Don't hesitate to contact us to check on availability in this exciting litter. Pictures: 1week, 1week-females, 1week-males.

D litter linebreeding:
No common ancestry in 5 generations
Our German Shepherd puppies come with:

Paperwork for AKC limited registration (more details)
Health warranty
Two year hip & elbow warranty
Details on the vaccines and worming that your puppy has received prior to leaving the kennel
Vaccinations up to date
Identification ISO Microchip (Universal)
An exclusive brochure featuring a collection of good advice on raising your puppy
Puppy's own "security blanket" - a towel bearing scents familiar to the puppy. Use it in the puppy's nest for the first several days to help with transition
A collar that fits perfectly so that you don't have to guess
Life-long support and advice from the breeder

1. Any puppy is considered available and can be sold at any time, unless we have a deposit in hand or agreed to wait the necessary amount of time for the deposit or full payment to arrive.
2. Kennels von Lotta has the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to any customer, at any time, at our sole discretion.
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